Booth #02

Local photographer Marty Espinola

Booth #03

Locally sewn items, dolls, collectibles, crafts and china mixed media!

Brandt Louis lava bead bracelets.  Perfect for essential oils!

Booth 14

Fortunate Happenstance mixes collectibles with many medias of original art.

Booth 01

Mage Armor Soap Co.- Locally handcrafted soaps! Whether you're looking to get into character for a game or a LARP (or if you just dig the idea of smelling like you've just walked out of an enchanted meadow, chilling cavern, or a cozy Dwarven tavern) we've got you covered!

Booth 25

Grandma's Inspirations. Antiques and collectibles mixed in with original hand made giftware and arrangements. Custom orders!

Booth 33

Handmade seaglass jewelry and art.