Booth 04

Quality antiques and vintage collectibles


Booth 06

Estate Picker, Eva has something for everyone.

Booth 08

Jaffe and Thurston Art and Antiques, established in 1978.

Booth 10

Quality antiques and vintage collectibles mixed in with salvaged furniture with a unique touch.

Booth 11

Quality antique and vintage collectibles. Many smalls.

Booth 12

Sandy has been an art dealer for many years and offers antiques and vintage wares.

Booth 13

Fae's Ephemera section of the shop that contains the antiques and collectibles portion of her business.

Booth 17

Antiques and vintage collectibles.  

Booth 19

Robert specializes in ephemera; primarily post cards and Vermont items.

Booth 21

You name it, Kelli's got it.  Quality vintage clothing, smalls, antiques, and vintage items.

Booth 24

Syd has a nice array of vintage and antique items.

Booth 26

Pam's corner booth is chock full of nostalgia and collectibles!

Booth 29

Little Big Antiques has clothing, knitting and fabric items, smalls, collectibles, and salvaged furniture.

Booth 45

Quality antiques and collectibles, some military items.

Booth 54

This booth has Mid-Century Modern and kitchen nostalgia written all over it!

Booth 55

Quality vintage collectibles and refinished furniture.

Booth 56

Clothing, shoes, scarves and purses!

Booth 58

Bob's booth is full of toy nostalgia- especially of the metal vehicle variety!

Booth space available!

This spot is available to rent!

Booth 78

Books and books!

Booth 84

Our sweet friend Richard provides a lot of tools, and specializes in Millers Falls Tools.

Booth 88

Fine, costume, and artisan jewelry!

Booth 95

Quality collectibles, and a special focus on glass. 

Booth space available!

This spot is available for rent

Booth 63

Lovely collection of linens, handkerchiefs, ephemera, books, and quality collectibles. 

Booth 18

Quality vintage and antique collectibles.