Brickett Allis and Danielle Marie


Brickett and Danielle began their journey as collectors, acquiring items ranging from vintage/antique license plates to pottery and glass.  Shortly after meeting each other they started attending antique shows together and eventually visited their first auction ever- run by Paul T. Gorzokowski in Northfield, Massachusetts.  About a month later they decided to rent a booth at Yesterday's Antiques on 5 & 10 in Deerfield, Massachusetts with Jim and Leanne.  They decided to turn their passion into their careers by buying the old 5 & 10 Antique Gallery and completely gutting it and renovating.  Danielle obtained her Auctioneer's license as well.  Through hard work, their vision became reality and they decided they wanted more than just antiques and vintage items in their store- they wanted to show support for local businesses and artisans as well and create a center for these worlds to mix and merge.  This is how Arts & Antiques on 5 & 10 came to be, and the rest is history.  

Our family...  Danielle & Brickett
Lily, born on Halloween, 2017
Gemma is our shop doggie, born New Years Day 2011